Meet The Team

Creating a great team is like creating a great salad. It isn't about just having the biggest lettuce leaves.

Like a mixed leaf salad with different textures, different crunchiness of leaves and different flavours, our team is perfected with a light covering of olive oil and a shake of salt.

We have a small, close knit team, each one having their own skills, strengths and super powers which they bring with them.


As a salad chef with many years of experience, David can produce many lettuce based salads which are tasty and appealing to all lettuce fans.


Hemant is our lead lettuce engineer. His solid expertise in handling seven different types of lettuce allow him to customise lettuce leaves for every requierment, from salads through to garnishes and wrap fillings.


Larry and his team supply MadLettuce with a full array of analytics and online advertising tools. Whilst not a lettuce expert he does enjoy a good salad.


Liz is our lead content writer, having written our greates salad menus and lettuce recipies to date.

What We Do

We do stuff. We can do similar stuff for you. We'll tell you all about it soon.

Electrifying Websites

A jolt of electricity lights things up and grabs everyones attention. Especially if they have wet hands. Let us put the spark back in to your online presence.

As Seen On T.V.

Thanks to Chromecast and Apple T.V. our websites are frequently featured on T.V.
Specifically the large plasma one we have in the studio.

Great Communication

Bad communication is the number one root cause for generating unhappy clients in this industry. We're' well versed in managing our clients expectations and communicating throughout the project.

Dangerous Experiments

Don't try this at home. Or school either. We're always testing new ways to get better results. We're 'always in beta' so expect surprises!

We Draw

So we had this pencil icon we could use here to keep this section balanced with 6 icons. But hey, we do draw. In fact many of our projects begin as sketches on the back of an envelope.

Well Done

Big thumbs up for what we do. Great results lead to great appreciation.

Stuff We've Done'

We've done lots of stuff.

Sometimes it's big and visible. Like if a big whale got off the bus in Trafalgar Square.

Other stuff we do isn't so visible. Like if an invisibility cloak were used. Yeah.

Here's some of the more visible stuff.

  • The WorldTEFL Project
    The WorldTEFL Project
  • Natural Intimacy Product Design
    Natural Intimacy
  • Ethical Family Planning E-commerce Website
    Ethical Family Planning
  • RDO Medical España Catalogue Design And Print
    RDO Medical España
  • Cyclotest UK Market Research, SEO And Adwords Campaign
    Cyclotest UK
  • Pennington Dental Mobile Friendly CMS Website
    Pennington Dental

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Life's too short to watch us walk on by.

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