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MadLettuce has lots of medical experience.


Well that's not to say we're doctors but we do have a first aid kit in the office and we do have a lot of experience building websites for medical customers. Have a look below, we have made many websites for medical companies which go beyond the usual CMS, SEO and branding tasks involving forums, blogs and a few e-commerce sites which directly resulted in a boost to their online sales and simplified their logistical and fulfilment processes. 


Working with medical companies has taught us many things including protection of patient data, projecting confidence to the patient and how to tie a broken arm in a sling.


Ethical Family Planning

Case Study: RDO Medical

RDO Medical was using a simple HTML website with basic Paypal functions to sell individual products online. They wanted to move their web presence into the 22nd Century and increase sales.

Using Magento Open Source E-commerce Platform (Magento for short) we very quickly got the old HTML site converted to a Magento platform maintaining the traditional look and feel of the original site.

Previously on the client's website individual items were added to a basic shopping cart. The functionality on Magento allowed the client to cross sell their whole product range buy tagging discounted products to the purchase and streamlining the additional purchases to encourage impulse buying.

Less clicks yet bigger shopping baskets.

The average price per checkout has jumped over 30% due to the ease of the cross sell.

Also we developed with the client a new way to manage their whole sales cycle from online product launch to automated emails confirming the customers tracking number.

As a result of this successful implementation, all online and offline sales now get handled via Magento and as such the consolidated sales data now saves time on the VAT returns too.

The final touch on this site was adding a suppor forum, connected to the user profiles of the customers. This has resulted in hundreds of pages of keyword heavy content is now adding greatly to the site's SEO efforts.

We currently manage 47 websites across 3 instances of Magento in 3 different languages for RDO Medical. Within a few hours new sites can be deployed for new products, new campaigns or to service different markets whilst sharing the existing shopping carts, products and reporting.




MadLettuce Websites for Medical Companies in Coventry and Warwickshire

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